Ivy Grapes Tasting Group Set

Ivy Grapes Tasting Group Set

Ivy Grapes
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1 - Grassl Liberte

Liberté is freedom and the Liberté glass was created to be an option for any wine during any phase of its life.

1 - Grassl Mineralite

Terroir shines through with this glass. The Mineralité glass’s design, with an ample bowl to assist with allowing the wine to open is complimented by a narrowing chimney bringing focus and precision to the nose. The Mineralité glass is ideal for acidic wines with verve.

1 - Grassl 1855

The Grassl 1855 is a homage to the Exposition Universelle de Paris. This shape is designed for reds and whites of great complexity, concentration and body. The design of the bowl provides the wine with the space it needs to evolve. 

1 - Grassl Cru

The term ‘Cru’ is reserved for and associated with the highest quality. Ideal for single grape wines where delicate aromas are as important to the experience as the taste.