Ivy Grapes provides luxury glassware to wine lovers everywhere.

A mentor once shared, “a great bottle of wine is never shared alone”. The Ivy plant symbolizes our plan to grow and cultivate the social nature of wine by providing the highest quality stemware while spotlighting the importance of sharing a bottle. We believe wine tastes best when you share a glass with friends, family, and co-workers.

Ivy Grapes presents Grassl, a glassware company prioritizing the experience and ideas from winemakers, oenologist, and other industry professionals around the globe to create a luxury tasting experience. Grassl brings functionality and practicality to every table, and so do we. 

We prioritize Ivy Grapes customers and pride ourselves on the care and relationships we build within the community. We welcome and raise a Grassl glass to the experienced wine lovers and those beginning their journey. 

Remember, the best glasses hold wine and memories! Share your pour with us on Instagram @ivygrapeswine.


The Ivy Grapes Team