Grassl Liberte
Grassl Liberte
Grassl Liberte
Grassl Liberte
Grassl Liberte
Grassl Liberte
Grassl Liberte
Grassl Liberte

Grassl Liberte

Grassl Glass
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Jean-Marc Roulot - Domaine Roulot
"I use the Liberté glass in my tasting rooms, I love the precision of the nose and the detail."

Liberté is freedom and the Liberté glass was created to be an option for any wine during any phase of its life.

Key Features:

  • Swiss Design
  • Mouth-Blown
  • Lead-Free Crystal
  • Dishwasher Safe

Created for Regions

  • Champagne
  • Beaujolais
  • Valpolicella
  • Burgenland


    Height: 230mm
    Width: 92mm
    Mouth Opening: 62mm
    Base: 92mm
    Crystal: Non-Lead
    Type of Manufacturing: Mouth-Blown

    Cold Cut Rim

    Allows the glass to be sealed to a non-porous condition and ensures a smooth delivery from the glass to the mouth. 

    Surface vs Opening

    The surface will allow wines to open up quicker, whilst the smaller opening will capture the aromas and bring focus to the nose.

    Pulled Stem

    Made in one continuous piece of glass and is therefore more resistant to breakage.

    Stability & Balance

    Our large base keeps the glass stable on uneven surfaces, whilst acting as a counter weight to balance the overall glass.

    The Grassl Manufacturing Process:

    All of Grassl glasses are crafted from lead-free crystal. The glass is processed in such a way that they are balanced, light and durable. Multiple heating and cooling cycles, coupled with tempering the mouth will give you the highest quality of glass.

    It requires 5 artisans to create a mouth-blown glass. Each of the production steps requires years of apprenticeship before being deemed experienced enough to create these glasses. Their ability to recreate a unique product with exceptionally similar tolerances and consistency is remarkable.

    Our quality checks are meticulous and only the very best stems will make it into the customer's hands. All glasses that do not pass the inspections are 100% recyclable without a loss in purity and quality.